MIGRANADE Migraine Relief - NATIONAL DRUG CODE (NDC) 60616-002-02

MIGRANADE Migraine Relief, is an oral effervescent homeopathic medicine for the treatment of migraine headaches (NATIONAL DRUG CODE 60916-002-02). The World Health Organization considers migraines to be one of the most debilitating diseases in the world. In contrast to other over-the-counter products for migraine (which only treat the symptoms), MIGRANADE Migraine Relief targets the actual cause of the migraine headaches. In most observed cases, even the most severe migraines are typically abated within ten minutes after using MIGRANADE Migraine Relief.


EAAT3-mediated cysteine transport is the primary mechanism used by neurons to obtain cysteine for the synthesis of glutathione, a key molecule in preventing oxidative stress and neuronal toxicity. Dr. Charles B. Hensley (Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive of Migranade, Inc.) has put forth the theory that migraine headache is consequence of the depletion of trigeminal and associated neuronal intracellular GSH levels as a result of an acute inhibition of the transport of cysteine via the EAAT3 transport system. 

Based on this theory, Dr. Hensley led the development of a new non-NSAID technology and readied for market the first product, a revolutionary homeopathic oral effervescent treatment for migraine headache (MIGRANADE Migraine Relief - NATIONAL DRUG CODE 60916-002-02). Results from an open label study demonstrated that MIGRANADE Migraine Relief alleviated severe migraine headaches within 10 - 20 minutes. 

It became clear that GSH supplied directly to these neuronal structures via effervescent delivery could quickly restore neuronal GSH and as such, represents a new paradigm in the treatment of migraine headache. The speed at which this works is possible because the effervescing delivery provides direct access to the olfactory and trigeminal nerves and associated neuronal structures.